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Need help? Want to report a lost or stolen card? Call us at 855.274.9934 in the U.S. or 918.858.9782 outside the U.S. We accept relay calls.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can use your card anywhere Visa or Mastercard are accepted.

You can update your phone, email or  address by clicking the "Edit" link on the right side of the My Profile page.

See the Cardholder Agreement for additional information on your Rewards Card. 

No. You were given a prepaid debit card preloaded with funds. Spending is limited to the amount available on the card. 

If your card has your name on it, you are already registered and do not need to register again. If not, it is important to register your card so that we can identify you as the rightful owner of the card. Also, most online merchants don't accept payments without a valid billing address.  Visit My Profile page to register now.

You cannot use your card to get cash from an ATM or cash back when you make a purchase using the card

No, you cannot add more money to the card.

There are two ways to use your Rewards Card, either select credit and sign or select debit and enter your PIN. You can use your card when making purchases from any merchant that accepts Visa debit cards worldwide. The total dollar amount of your purchase will automatically be deducted from the balance on the Rewards Card.

The front of your card will indicate if your card can be used only in the United States. Transactions made in foreign currencies with the international Rewards card will be converted into U.S. dollars under the applicable rules of Visa USA or MasterCard, as applicable. Please refer to the Cardholder Agreement for more information.

During the card activation process, you will create a PIN, which you may then use for making purchases where entering a PIN is allowed. If you forget your PIN you can create a new PIN by calling 855-274-9934. You will need your 16 digit Rewards Card number and the 3 digit verification code on the back of your card. The card and PIN are provided for your use and protection.

To set (or reset) your PIN, please call the number on the back of your card. We accept relay calls.

While you will not be able to use your card after the "Valid Thru" date, the funds on your card do not expire.  You can request a replacement card by calling us at 855.274.9934. We accept relay calls. Applicable fees, if any, as described in the Cardholder Agreement will be deducted from the remaining balance loaded to the replacement card.

No. You can view or print your transaction history on the Card Activity page.

Make sure to know your balance. Ask the merchant to apply that amount toward your purchase and provide them with another form of payment.

Yes, on the last day of the month and year printed on the front of the card.

Yes. See the Cardholder Agreement for details.

When using your card at businesses where tipping is customary, such as restaurants and salons, an additional 20% will be added temporarily to the total amount you are charged. Make sure your balance can accommodate the additional 20% or your transaction will be declined. The additional amount will not be available for other purchases for up to 10 days or until the transaction settles for the actual amount.

Refunds and returns are subject to the merchant’s policies or applicable laws. In case of any other errors on your card account, call Cardholder Services immediately at 855-274-9934 in the U.S. or 918-858-9782 (may call collect) outside the U.S. Visit your Card Activity page to confirm the amount refunded has been added to your card.

When you use your Rewards Card at an automated fuel dispenser, a hold will be placed for an amount that may be greater than the actual transaction amount and will not be available for other purchases until the transaction settles for the actual amount. 

Yes. Hotels and car rental agencies typically hold an additional 15% of the total amount you are charged. The hold may be in place for up to 10 days or until you settle your bill.